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While not
answering F John Keddie’s question, there is an indirect and much later connection
between Canons Ashby and bellringing. Sir Henry Edward Leigh Dryden, 4th
Baronet of Canons Ashby(1818-1899) (succeeded as seventh Baronet of Ambrosden
in 1874) was very interested in archaeology, was a close friend of W C Lukis,
author of "Specimens of Ancient Church Plate;" in 1857 "An
Account of Church Bells, and Bell Foundries; " in 1858 " A Few Words to Rural Deans and
Churchwardens," two tracts relating to the care and condition of
church bells, and " The History of
the Salisbury Bell Foundry;",who was also a keen and influential archaeologist.
Together they visited and measured numerous menhirs and other megalithic
structures in Britain and Europe. Many of their plans and drawings are in the
Guernsey Museum, together with some of W C Lukis’s notebooks and letters (some
of the latter describe a visit to Canons Ashby in the 1840s)



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