[Bell Historians] Twickenham, All Hallows

Robert Lewis editor at ...
Mon Jun 10 00:13:34 BST 2013

At 11:22 08/06/2013, RAS wrote:

>David Cawley wrote:
> > Peter Whisker's recent interesting posting about Dennis Brock 
> being possibly
> > the last person alive to have rung at Lombard Street makes me wonder if
> > Dennis might set down his memories of ringing there - and indeed, any other
> > pre-war London towers where the bells or even the church are no longer
> > there. Any hopes?
>It seems to me that we could do better than hope if someone
>were willing to go and visit him and record a conversation
>with him talking about his early ringing experiences at
>these towers.  Maybe Robert would be interested in
>publishing some extracts from it in the Comic?

DRL and I actually discussed doing this quite some time ago and we  should have
organised something by now really ...

Dennis is also one of the last people alive (possibly even the last) 
who is known to have rung at St. Bride's, Fleet Street.

Actually I know him quite well because he was a neighbour of my 
sister in Sunbury for
some years.  He has some really interesting recollections of WWII and 
being a P.O.W. in Italy too ....

He is a lovely chap.

Maybe Alan Regin is the man for this job.



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