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Perhaps because most people know what SPAB's position generally is on bell
restoration. I have been compiling an article on the restoration of the
derelict five at Horton, Glos, and have seen all the correspondence. I found
the attitude of SPAB truly amazing. I doubt that even one member of SPAB had
ever even heard of Horton or their bells before, but as soon as they had an
opportunity to "argue their case", they made it perfectly clear that they
would rather have the installation at Horton rot until the bells fell down
the tower. Despite SPAB, after a five-year battle against
"conservationalists" the bells are rung twice a week to the glory of God by
a band of Horton residents.


Andrew Bull


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I think it would be hard to justify not allowing SPAB the opportunity to
argue their case.  The important point is making sure that they aren't the
only interest group represented, and don't have a veto.


Peter Rivet


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At 14:55 11/10/2013, Mattew wrote:

Try this Mike.

I wonder what the justification is for giving SPAB a seat at this particular


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