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Apologies for the top post - can't seem to edit properly on my phone.

Just wanted to resurrect this thread briefly to ask if there has been anything done about the unringable 4 in St Andrews, Fort William? It seems a shame to me that such a popular tourist spot with I believe a number of lapsed ringers in the locality is devoid of ringable bells apart from Tulloch 18 miles away.


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> I rang the 4 at Fort William in 1975.
> At that time the bells were in reasonable going order.
> We had to cut 4 rope holes in the plastic corrugated roof beneath the
> frame, oil and rope up. Water ingress was gross, hence the "roof" under
> the frame so I imagine they must have got into a sorry state by now.
> PNBR details look about right. I probably have a recording of them
> ringing.... Somewhere!

I visited the tower a few years ago. There are now no floors below the bells so when you ring, you can see the bells swinging. They have 4 plain plastic ropes on the wheels and also 4 plastic ropes on ellacombe hammers which just hang down making a circle of 8 ropes. The tower is now dry inside having had repairs to stop water getting in. There is no access up to the bells so a very long ladder would be needed. Not a bad sounding 4 though. Loose fittings.


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