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In theory, DAC advisors and Belfry Inspectors should be impartial, and as  
part of their role they should give a list of contractors competent to carry 
out  the work needed. However most DAC advisors/Belfry Inspectors find 
themselves  having to decide whether their experience of previous work done by a 
certain  contractor, precludes them including that contractor on the list. 
During my time  as a Belfry Inspector for the SDGR, I found myself in that 
position more than  once and omitted the company involved from those I 
considered capable of doing  the work. Was I showing partiality or was I producing 
a fair and honest report  preventing the parish spending money on work 
which would prove not to be to  the standard required? I would have said the 
latter but the company involved,  who are no longer in business would have said 
I was prejudiced.
It is very difficult to prove that the DAC Advisor involved is not showing  
impartiality, as their defence will be along similar lines to the above, 
and you  need to gather evidence to the contrary. Not easy, I'm afraid, and 
unless you  can, there is very little that can be done.
Phil Lucas
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