[Bell Historians] DAC advisors advising parishes.

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Until I retired I worked as a town planner and I was sometimes asked to
recommend an architect.  This was something I couldn't do professionally -
but I could provide a short list of architects with experience of the kind
of work involved, for example repairs to a listed building or a brand new
industrial unit.  The local branch of the RIBA published a leaflet listing
its members in the area, which was very useful.

The same principle ought to apply with Diocesan Bell Advisers.  If I write a
letter on behalf of the Blackburn DAC giving advice on bells and suggest
that the church obtains and estimate for rehanging or similar work, I
include a list of bellhangers with their contact details.  There are no
bellhangers based in north west England so I believe it is particularly
important to encourage churches to obtain appropriate professional advice,
rather than rely on a general builder or metalworker who fancies having a go
at bellhanging.

If I know that a couple of firms are already doing work in the area I
sometimes mention this as it may speed up the process.  But bell advisers
should not be seen as favouring any one particular firm.

If the various bellhangers could be persuaded to get together and produce an
equivalent of the RIBA leaflet, perhaps it would help?

Peter Rivet

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  Hello, just a quick one...

  I have always been on the understanding that DAC bells advisors must be
impartial when it comes to recommending contractors to a potential customer.

  If they are not, what can be done about it?



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