[Bell Historians] RE: DAC advisors advising parishes.

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Wed Feb 19 18:15:49 GMT 2014

Hi Matthew the DAC should be impartial if not then each Diocese has a complaints procedure and you would be within your right to use this, I personally would not want a DAC's job for the reasons others have set out as you get asked for opinion which you have to be cautious about giving, the problem is that in a lot of parishes there is no one  who has a clue about what is required and what is being asked for and in consequence a hanger can get asked to do a small  bit of work which does little to improve the go of the bells, but is then tarnished with  adverse comments as to their work in general or in one case of a fairly major rehang a tower took the cheapest quote ( by a long way) and got a job of an equivelent standard.  Other side is I have seen and rung on jobs that I have been less than impressed with and would have expected better. 

 One of the problems is in reality other than reputation there is no control or monitoring of bell hangers work as you get if you are building a house via building control with an appropriate sign off when the job is completed properly.... perhaps there should be?

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