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A tripod would be essential for image stabilization with any kind of scope, because what magnifies the image also magnifies any jitters from your hands.  (And age makes those jitters worse!)

An alternative that is much easier to use than a tripod, but also much more pricey, is image stabilization binoculars.  I bought a Canon 12 power set a few years ago, and find it vastly more useful than the ordinary 8X binoculars that I formerly used.  (Canon also makes an 18X IS set, but that is of course MUCH more expensive.)


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>Two or three years ago I finally invested in a telescope (actually what 
>they call a spotting scope) and tripod for looking at turret bells. I 
>say "finally" because if I'd realised how much better it is for reading 
>inscriptions and seeing the detail I would have bought one long ago. 
>Hand-held binoculars just don't do the job anything like as well
>In Birmingham on Monday evening, I noticed that the (re-opened) Jessops 
>has a "clearance" batch of spotting scopes at just £39.95. They seem 
>pretty good - I could read the opening hours notice by the door that I 
>could barely see by naked eye. If anyone has thought of buying a 
>telescope but hesitated on grounds of cost, one of these could be well 
>worth getting while stocks last.
>No idea how to check the details online or order - but I guess there's a 
>Jessops website, or a means of contacting the Birmingham store.
>Just posting this in case this is an opportunity for someone
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