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I have received a request from Ireland and would appreciate any suggestions
please (off list if you prefer).

Anyone with knowledge of this particular founder and his original hanging
arrangements?  It seems a bit eccentric to me to put the thing back as a
static architectural feature ... but it sounds like he is trying to achieve
authenticity of appearance, rather than anything else.


"I am an Architect with the Office of Public Works in Ireland. I am
currently finalising a renovation project of a mid-19th Century Linen Mill
building in Balbriggan, North County Dublin called Gallens Mill. The
previous owner of the building has very kindly donated to us the original
bell to relocate back into its original position in a stone bell tower.
Further to some on-line research I came across an article in your magazine
(Issue No. 4754, June 7 2002: Dublin founders of ringing bells) which refer
to the foundry in which the bell was cast; T. Hodges Foundry, on Middle
Abbey Street, Dublin. The bell was cast in 1857, and as such was one of the
very last to be cast in that long defunct foundry. 

Unfortunately, due to client concerns, I am unable to allow the bell to
ring, which is very frustrating. I am, however, very eager to reinstate it
in the most appropriate manner as possible, while also taking into
consideration security concerns to ensure that it is not stolen at some
point in the future. I was hoping that you might be able to direct me
towards some further information I require. 

Do you know if there is an archive available for me to research data, such
as sectional bell drawings (like the one attached from your article) or any
other pertinent information that may be relevant to this particular bell
from this particular foundry?

Any advice you might have at all for me to assist me replacing this bell
back where it belongs, in the most appropriate manner possible, would be
greatly appreciated." 


I'll send you a scan of the relevant entry on this founder in Fred Dukes
book, Campanology in Ireland, under separate cover.


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