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Peter Trent on July 17th 2011 :
 I was shown today a "Sanctus" bell today found in a cupboard at a local church. It is of bell metal about 8" in height with a ball and chain clapper and  an argent complete with square section  hanging bar  about 15" long. It has the initials ZASM  
 (ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE SPOORWEG MAATSKAPIJ) upon it.  A little internet research suggests that this has South African railway connections. Can anyone enlighten me further as to which foundry produced such items or even why it should end up in rural Norfolk?  The internet found the following catalogue reference for an auction in 2010.........

 I have lost Peter Trent's email address so cannot ask this directly, hence the list post.  In 2011 I supplied Peter with information from South African Railways that the bell had been stolen from a platform display at Johannesburg Railway Station.  How it got to Norfolk is a mystery.  Their recommendation was that it not be returned, as items are no longer safe in South African museums, but that should it be possible then they suggested the bell go to the York Railway Museum.

 I am reminded of this by a facebook post this morning from ringers visiting the York Museum, and would like to know what became of the bell.  I would be perfectly happy to take this forward with the church myself if Peter does not wish to. 

 If Peter is on the list then perhaps he could reply.  If not then can someone send me his contact details please?


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