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G&J cast some bells for Johannesburg, South Africa. If you have the Serial
No. and date (if any) of the bell, weight and diameter, I might be able to
identify the bell. Does "for Collins" mean anything?


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> Peter Trent on July 17th 2011 :
> I was shown today a "Sanctus" bell today found in a cupboard at a local
> church. It is of bell metal about 8" in height with a ball and chain
> clapper and  an argent complete with square section  hanging bar  about 15"
> long. It has the initials ZASM
> research suggests that this has South African railway connections. Can
> anyone enlighten me further as to which foundry produced such items or even
> why it should end up in rural Norfolk?  The internet found the following
> catalogue reference for an auction in 2010.........
> I have lost Peter Trent's email address so cannot ask this directly,
> hence the list post.  In 2011 I supplied Peter with information from South
> African Railways that the bell had been stolen from a platform display at
> Johannesburg Railway Station.  How it got to Norfolk is a mystery.  Their
> recommendation was that it not be returned, as items are no longer safe in
> South African museums, but that should it be possible then they suggested
> the bell go to the York Railway Museum.
> I am reminded of this by a facebook post this morning from ringers
> visiting the York Museum, and would like to know what became of the bell.
> I would be perfectly happy to take this forward with the church myself if
> Peter does not wish to.
> If Peter is on the list then perhaps he could reply.  If not then can
> someone send me his contact details please?
> Thanks
> Richard
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