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Looking at the spreadsheet for steel bells by NV, there are four bells by Vickers listed on that for Trinity Church, Irvine.

 However, any online references to the bells say "the three bells". There could have been four bells supplied but one not kept locally or there could be a misprint in the NV catalogue.

 I can't see the steel bell in Steeton Village, West Yorkshire, on the list of NB bells. That could have come from anywhere, but it certainly wasn't in the tower at Steeton when I looked there in the 1980's, that was a James Shaw bell.

 I have a link to the Steeton Village website and you need to scroll down to see the bit about the steel bell. I am taking it from the web page, that the steel bell may also have on it "Donated by Jessy Rodney 1886". I haven't seen many steel bells that have had additional inscriptions like that on them.

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 Conservation Area | Steeton Village http://www.steeton.net/?page_id=366     Steeton CONSERVATION AREA ASSESSMENT October 2005 Acknowledgements We would like to thank: Everyone who helped to prepare ...
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