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Thank you Bryan for looking for a photo of Miss Hagen. I have tried the
geneology web sites and recovered what I needed. It's just the photo I want.

Ahh well, it looks as if there is not one in existance.

Alan Buswell.

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> I had a look on Ancestry for Marianna Sophie Hagen. There are quite a few
> family trees with her in them but none appear to have photos of her saved
> into them. You've probably already tried this route, I'm guessing. All the
> censuses are there, of course, and her probate details. Do you have access
> to Ancestry?
> Bryan McCahey
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>             Since most of the church records were destroyed in the fire
> of 19th June 2014, I am trying to gather past history of the tower, bells
> and ringers.
>            In their Timeline from 'Ropley2000' there is an entry for 1726
> viz - 'Church clock installed at St Peters'. I can find no record of this
> event, even after enquiring locally. There is not even mention of the 1701
> bells in this timeline.
>            Colchester's *Church Bells of Hampshire *gives mention of a
> 'Clock bell outside, 1755, Lester & Pack.' This date could be 1758, a badly
> written figure.
>            I am hoping that there may be someone who might be able to add
> further information and possibley connect the two dates.
>            Also, as a very long-shot, would any one know of a photograph
> that I could use of a Miss Marianna Sophie Hagen, b.1852, d,1932. It was
> she who paid outright for providing the new G&J bells in 1927.
> Thank you all.
> Alan Buswell.
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