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Chris Pickford wrote: ..Two points from this a) writings by women go back a
fair way, and b) they're not always by people within the ringing community

But it is true, surely, that the majority of the output on the subject has
been by male writers and continues to be so. Certainly I have relatively few
female contacts among the many people I have dealings with on bell history
matters (hello Anne!) - but I welcome co-operation with anyone (well,
nearly!!!) with a shared interest



I will admit to some annoyance about the objection to Steve Colman  and his
talk.  What is wrong with men looking at Women in History?  Or indeed Women
looking at Men in History?  It's like saying that only Protestants should
write about the Reformation; or only sailors are qualified to consider
Marine History.  History is ultimately very personal.  I know it's not a
fashionable book, but 'What is History' by Richard Carr is an interesting


BTW Steve Colman's talk is very good and well worth listening to.


Thinking about the proportions of 'women doing history' my experience is
that there are marginally fewer women than men. However in Family History
there seem to be far more men than women; at least at the Wiltshire History
Centre.  And a lot of their lunchtime conversation revolves round the
technical aspects of drawing up family trees


One theory is that  women focus more on relationships in history than men.
I find 50 shades of bell fittings rather boring; the relationship between
parish and ringers and the wider world is much more to my taste.




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