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And maybe it's not such a stereotype as it might seem.  See www.towerbells.org/data/HanksGen.html for the genealogical relationships of 17 American bellfounders across seven different bellfoundries.  Among the Saint Louis bellfounders, there are clear connections between the generational changes in the proprietors of the two Stuckstede bellfoundries and the changes in styles of bells produced by them. Carl Scott Zimmerman 
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   Maybe I'm playing into the stereotype here.  I hadn't thought of bell history as industrial history.  My mention of genealogy wasn't a random choice.  I can see that I'm stretching the analogy, but think of the family legacy that can be involved in bell founding - for example, take the Rudhalls of Gloucester - Abraham, then Abraham, then Abel, (then Abel's three sons, whose names didn't begin with Ab).  The bells I ring weekly were cast by Abel in 1744.  One of  the first ringers of those bells was teenager Paul Revere, who grew up to be an excellent silversmith and mediocre bell founder.  His sons and grandsons also made bells (among other metal objects).   So from the elder Abraham (Wikipedia says his first ring was the bells of Oddington in 1684) to Paul Revere's grandsons (the firm sold their last bells in the 1830s, but those seem to have been cast earlier) we have the tale across three centuries of two families, connected by a profession, separated by an ocean.Sounds like genealogy to me ;-)  Laura Dickerson

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