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> I am trying to compile a list of all so-called secular towers. These 
> include all mini-rings, de-listed churches and other purpose built 
> buildings. They fall roughly into four categories. Examples are: 
> Adelaide, Town Hall being*Secular *(8); Appleton, Workshop Campanile 
> in *Private Ownership *(32*)*; Chester, Old St Mary's in*Local 
> Authority Ownership *(2) and Dunkeld Cathedral is *In Trust 
> *(4). There may be other categories that could imply a tower being 
> secular yet unknown to me - please advise. So far I have detected 
> nearly 50 locations in Dove.
> Could all these classes be classified as being Secular? If so, then 
> they will be taken out of my Q.P county listing and placed under a 
> separate heading. Doing this may indicate the interest or trend of 
> ringing in these locations and ringing in general.

Concerning the examples, are not town hall rings also in local authority 

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