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AAJB wrote:

"Both the Ringing World and Dove say that these publications are for 'Church Bell Ringers."

Whilst both The Ringing World and Dove may be FOR church bell ringers, they both include what may be described as secular ringing and bells.

I can understand Dove not including mini-rings, particularly the portable ones but I am sure that many performances on these bells are published in The Ringing World.

I don't see why a static secular ring shouldn't be included in its county or diocesan area for analysis purposes although I admit that to be able to track tends with secular (whatever way it is defined) performances may be of interest.

Personally I suggest that you use the Dove descriptions of towers as your starting point and come back to this list with any questions about those towers where there is some debate.

The majority of my ringing is on church bells (because that is where the bells are) but I would also say that the majority of it is secular in that it is not associated with a service or religious event.  E.g. I organise three monthly quarter peals but only one of these is (loosely) associated with a service.  It will always be difficult to decide if ringing is for a secular or religious purpose if you just consider the location.  Not only are many performances on church bells actually secular but a few years ago I rang at a (definitely) secular tower for a wedding at a nearby church so it can be misleading in both directions.

James White
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