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>     I meant to send the query about a clapper to this list.  I didn't 
> mean to send one about theme-park England (that was supposed to
> go to the Ringing chat).  I'm really sorry.
> Laura Dickerson
But, to someone from Waltham Abbey, it was quite interesting.

I'm 6' 5" tall and have long hair and wiry beard, and though it hasn't 
happened yet, I keep intending to go to the "King Harold Day" festival 
held here every October garbed up as a Viking, with "Harold and Will's 
grandad" written on a placard or a badge.

Things would certainly have been very different, but both the Peacemaker 
and the Bastard were descended from 'Nor(se)men' - and not too many 
generations back in either case. Maybe the biggest difference would be 
an English language with lots of Scandinavian words in it, rather than 
French. And we'd all be living in turf huts.

It is perhaps curious that the blood of Harold's veins does continue to 
flow in many of Europe's leading royal houses, but not a drop of Tudor 
blood does.

As a token of goodwill to the rest of the list:
In Waltham Abbey church is a Miles Graye II bell (1668), the treble from 
of a set of three originally from Pattiswick in Essex. Its now 
hammer-rung as a service or sanctus bell, and brings the tower's total 
complement of bells up to 14. All three of the Essex churches 
shortlisted to become the cathedral of the new diocese of Essex, formed 
about a century ago, had rings of twelve installed in anticipation of 
the outcome.

I could see both Peacemaker and Bastard as being good names for bells!

Lawrence Greenall
Waltham Abbey Hysterical & Operatic Society
oops - I mean -
Waltham Abbey Historical Society
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