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> Does anyone know about a plan to put a ring of bells up in this tower
> some decades ago? I have heard a garbled story about bells being ordered
> from Whitechapel and almost installed before the church opted to donate
> the money to a Canadian Church (also dedicated to St Ambrose) that was
> in financial difficulty. Rumours are that some of the framework is
> already up there. But does anyone know chapter and verse?
> Thanks.
> DrL
The Bells & Belfries of Dorset by Christopher Dalton who visited in 1979 
states: a single bell 19 cwt 1 qr 7 lbs.  Whitechapel tenor of an 
intended 8 which did not materialise, hung for ringing in an 8 bell 
wooden frame but now not swung. Frame has tie-rods. A boiler flue passes 
through the 7th pit. Church built 1898 - 1900 & tower completed 1907. No 
explanation re funding etc.

I assume all 3 volumes are still available & would recommend purchase!

The NBR states:

Winchester 	CARE 	41/169 	Bournemouth 	St Ambrose 	1 of 1 	
	49.75 	19.1.7 	E 	1907 	Mears & Stainbank 	CD


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