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The surviving Van Aerschodt records are in the care of a grandson of the last bellfounding member of the family. He also has a private bell museum – and a Van Aerschodt carillon in his garden. I have visited him and I am still in touch with him. When there I did have a quick look at the records. He has also sent me various details over the years.


The bottom line is that (from that source) I have weights in kg and notes for the four largest bells, but no diameters – and no details for the other bells.


As Bill says, the Dove bass bell weight of 40-0-15 seems to be at variance with the recorded weight in kg – but I can’t say where Dove got his weight from (I’ve never seen any corroborative evidence). This isn’t the only case, though, where the weights don’t quite tally with the recorded English equivalents (e.g. Aberdeen and Lerwick)


Please contact me offline, Bill, if you’d like me to see if I can obtain further information for you – pickford5040 at gmail.com <mailto:pickford5040 at gmail.com>  


Chris Pickford



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