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Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society 1950 - 51 page 34 gives bass bell reputed 2.5 tons note C diameter 60". Also mentions smallest bell 12" . p.37 Mr. John Taylor was called to Eaton to discuss proposals for the bells which the duke desired should match the back eight of the carillon at the Hall (referring to St. Mary's Eccleston) As this proved impractical they were eventually cast as a heavy ring of eight in the key of D. They were first rung in 1907 and the result was more than satisfactory, for these bells are without doubt one of the finest eights in the country. Tenor 26. 3. 3 1899 diameter 53.25 inches.
 I rang a peal of Stedman Triples on them 25/04/87 in 2 hours 56 minutes  which went like clockwork. When we met the tower captain outside afterwards his comment was, 'Well it was too fast but you certainly knew what you were doing!'.


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