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Could it be a clapper turning block?

The cut out channel could clamp to the old crown staple?

That bell frame has seen better days, where is it?




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I attach two pictures that show a small wooden block, in two halves that
when bolted together enclose a circular channel that forms an angled
path. It appears to be a rope guide for some purpose and it allows for a
rope to pass through an angle of almost 90 degrees but without a pulley.
It appears to have been fitted somewhere on a bell frame, as it was
found by the frame but where and how it was fixed is not apparent. It
doesn't show significant rope wear although the inside of the channel
does seem to be polished by rope action. My conjecture is that this
formed part of an old chiming apparatus, but I have never seen anything
like it before.

Does anyone have any ideas what it was for and how old it might be?


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