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The long-awaited book by Neil Goeppinger on American bellfoundries is now available from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Titled "Large Bells of America" and subtitled "History of Church Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells, Dinner Bells and Their Foundries," it is published by Suncoast Digital Press in both hardcover and softcover editions.  They have identical contents, so the difference in price is due solely to the difference in binding.  (There is also an abridged edition available as an e-book, either Kindle for a trivial price or Nook for free, but I have not examined it.)  The ISBN is 978-1-939237-44-6.

Neil is the preeminent expert on the history of American bellfoundries, and this book is the result of his many years of collecting and researching "big bells."  Part I, profusely illustrated (mostly in color), covers the history part of the subtitle.  Part II is a complete list of every known or suspected bellfoundry in the history of America, with illustrations of the work of some of them.  For each bellfoundry, there is listed the location, year established, year closed, years of known operation, name of bellfounder, predecessor & successor, source of information, and other facts.  An appendix lists all of the manufacturers by state, thus providing a cross-index.
More extensive descriptions, provided by the publisher, can be found on both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble Websites.  (The B&N version also includes some of the editorial reviews from the back cover of the book.)

There are a few minor typographical errors, which do not detract significantly from the quality of the book.  These will soon be listed, along with some commentary by the undersigned, plus the results of future research by both Neil and me, on the TowerBells Website.

This book, in a class by itself, is an essential addition to the library of anyone who has an interest in tower bells or American industrial history.  Highly recommended! Carl Scott Zimmerman 
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