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> Hi Guys,
> Trollope manuscript APPENDIX;FIRST PEALS RUNG 18TH CENTURY has the following
> one line entry:
> Grandsire Caters 5040 Jan 11 1717 S. Brides London Sch.
> The CD has all the page scans in TIF format and there is no problem viewing
> them. You don't need the app that came on the CD.
> What is the Wratten CD ROM? I've not heard of it before and would be
> interested to know what it contains and whether anyone could make a copy
> available somewhere online for download. 
> Many thanks and best wishes for the New Year, Tony
> email mailto:smith_a_p at btinternet.com
The problem with the TIF format is lack of search facilities, which makes it rather tedious going through every document find a key word or phrase, but I understand it will be available in PDF format at some point in the not too distant future. 


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