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It’s a bit like the West Bowling, Yorks, Steel Bell, of which John
Greenhough posted some horrific images a little while ago. Clearly, sawing
up a steel Bell is no light job, with little to show for it!


Can’t make out the full inscription on the images, but  bearing in mind the
date I bet it’s VICKERS, SONS & Co rather than NV.


An interesting high serial number.




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Here is a story from Oban in Scotland. 


Apparently, a Vickers bell has been removed from the tower of the Old Parish
Church in Oban (Church of Scotland, sat nav  location: 56.41024, -5.46943).
I saw the bell a few years back and noted its inscription as:  NAYLOR


I have a cutting from a recent Oban Times with photo (see
). The text does not appear to be freely available on-line, but it refers to
the team pictured being asked to remove the bell due to its frame being
unsafe. Due to problems setting up support for lifting, they cut it into
quarters, taking two days. The parts of the bell have now been welded back
together, and it is now for sale for £500 on gumtree at:
. Don’t all rush at once!


Chris Frye.


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