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I seem to remember reading many years ago that the parish of Walcot included what is now Larkhall. As Bath expanded another parish was created.

St Saviour’s bells were ringable with difficulty in the 1950’s but by the time I arrived in Bath had been unringable for many years. A volunteer group patched them up in 1985 and we taught a local band of ringers. They went on to raise money to recast the cracked 5th bell and eventually to remodel the ring into a lighter ring of eight. Four of the original bells remain and the other four bells are part of the rings of bells at: Glastonbury, St John (tenor); Langford Budville (tenor), Bicknoller (2nd) and Griffith, NSW, Australia (tenor).



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I strongly suspect that it was St Saviour, Larkhall, which have since been re-modelled but are still there. They are in the next parish to Walcot.



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Before I ever had a Dove's Guide, I kept brief notes of towers that I rang at in an exercise book. An early entry on 7 April 1959 was to a ring of 8, tenor 16 cwt, at the church of St Saviour, Walcot, Bath. I can now find no published reference to this ring. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether it still exists, or if not what happened to it?

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