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8 inches just isn't credible, and neither would 8 cm. A movement of just 8mm would mean a very hard going set of bells that only skilled and determined ringers would manage for any length of time. Frame deflections of that magnitude would cause serious structural damage!


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Chris Pickford wrote:

>> I’m sure the talk of 8” of movement...is much exaggerated. Don’t take it too literally.

If there really was 8” of movement in the frame then the bell would be unringable, not just dufficult.
Even at renowned towers which suffer frame and/or tower movement (e.g. The Queen’s Tower) the deflection is millimetres (i.e. up to ten) rather than centimetres, let alone inches.
The question really is why invite criticism for yourself by writing the letter?
I have been in a similar situation.  At at tower with very little ringing the ringer checking that the tenor was down before taking coils noticed a strange feeling in the rope.  On inspection we discovered the tenor loose on the headstock.  We did not even attempt to raise let alone go for a peal.
Fortunately we were able to relocate to another tower within walking distance and we rang a quarter peal.
The problem at the first tower was fixed soon after and we scored our peal a couple of months later.

James White



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