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I was just going to suggest the same thing - it seems to be a derivation 
of 'baldrick', a type of strap or belt.
There are a number of such entries in the Waltham Abbey churchwardens' 
accounts, although of an earlier period. Here's three examples:

Essex Record Office, D/P 75/5/1 Churchwardens’ Account Book 1624-1670

1626 Item for iiii keyes and a boult for the baldricke for the fourth 
Bell    0-1-0
1628 November the xviith Paid to John Kempe for a baldrope [baldrick] 
And for a boltt for the third bell & mending the church door keys    0-2-8
1629 July the xvith paid to Duke for three baldrickes for the first 
second & third bells    0-7-2

I'll also send Hugh a transcript I made of all the entries relating to 
bells or clocks, so he can compare the frewuency of rope entries with 
what he has. They certainly didn't seem to last long!


On 13/06/2018 14:09, mikechester at hotmail.com [bellhistorians] wrote:
> Could these be the leathers that attach the clapper to the cast in 
> crown staples?  "Baldricks" is a similar term.
> <https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.collinsdictionary.com%2Fsubmission%2F13494%2Fbaldrick&via=collinsdict>
> "An early device for attaching a clapper to a bell comprising a 
> leather lined iron strap. The leather is the baldrick and the iron is 
> known as the baldrick copse."
> Mike

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