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I can't access the yahoo group, but from the thumbnail they look like two small bells which we supplied to Grange Park Opera House a few weeks back. I believe they intend to use them to call people back in after the interval.

"Two new harmonically tuned bells for the new Grange Park Opera House in West Horsley. They are sand-cast bells, cast and tuned a minor third apart (G# and B) by Matthew Higby & Co Ltd. They have been supplied with stationary chiming fittings. The sallies are Chamois (the colour also known as "dead rat" around here) and British Racing Green. The bells weigh 0-3-23 and 1-2-24 respectively." 

They are inscribed with our badge and the date.


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Does anyone recognise these bells, and have details? They have no visible inscription.
I know where they are hung, and it’s not a church . . .
Yours in fun,
Bill H



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