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Didn’t take long!


Taylors did indeed send an eight-bell chime to the Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924. The bells left the works on 11 July 1924, and they are noted in the metals book (JT 6/6/1/6 p.405) as “Foundry carillon bells”, the treble weighing 1-3-11 and the tenor 9-3-24 (I think – not quite legible in the accessible copy). The bells were loaned out again on 25 April 1925


Taylors seem to have sent the ringing peal for Northfield (a new ring of eight, tenor 14-1-13) to Wembley as well. The entry in the metals book (p.406) dated 12 July 1924 says “sent to Wembley”, with a later note alongside “sent to Northfield 6/12/1924”.


I can’t immediately find any further information on the exhibition bells themselves – dates, inscriptions etc (although if they were part of the works carillon then they may have been a mixed-date set, 1905-1912 – see Chris Berry’s article on “The Original Taylor Carillon” in RW 10 June 2005 pp.541-2, 6-7). 


Thanks, again, to Tim for identifying this rather interesting photo. 


Chris Pickford

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