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Thanks, Howard.

I would have thought that Kit Lamb would have either rung on them, or knew someone that had, if there was any ringing on them.  If he did not know, then they may well have been unringable/unrung for a number of years before the recasting

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sorry Mike - rushed a bit too fast

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I have been looking at churches in my native North East and came across this record of the original bells at Blackhill RC church:

"Finally, in January 1884, the clock tower was completed with a spire and belfry with six bells, the largest weighing 22 hundredweight. The bells were blessed by Bishop Bewick and almost tolled for disaster on their first day.. The bells were designed to swing in four directions, north, south, east and west, but were initially installed by parishioners who set them to all swing in the same direction, which would have been enough momentum to bring the tower down."

Source https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/history/13981978.stormy-start-for-st-marys/

I have never heard this story before and have plenty of salt to hand, just in case!  I have no knowledge of any bells here prior to the installation of the rather good Taylor ring in 1947.Does anyone have the details of the previous ring, and could there be any truth in what that article states?


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