[Bell Historians] People's perception of pitches in bell sounds

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>  sadly, problems with the construction of the survey ...

I too had problems.  I answered no to musical education but added bell and
voice to performance instruments, and I put down the average time per day I
spent ringing.  And I got to the end of the consent/demographics section
(24% of the whole).

The problem came with the way the sound comparisons were presented.  You
had to listen to 10 seconds each of the bell and then 5 pure tones and then
say which of the tones you heard in the bell.  

That way exceeds the capacity of short term memory (unless you are musical
enough to listen to the bell and make a mental not C, F#, C or whatever. 
To do the task I would need to switch fairly quickly between tone and bell,
but that was impossible.  

I heard two distinct tones (one when it struck and one during the hum) and
identified '1' but lost track of what the second was.  So I gave up.  

I would have liked to help, but even if I'd struggled on I doubt my answers
would have been very reliable.

John Harrison
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