[Bell Historians] People's perception of pitches in bell sounds

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Sat Aug 1 12:54:50 BST 2020

I do wonder whether the person who wrote the survey asked anybody to proof-read it. I realize I speak and write a different form of English, but 
there were things I think might have been grammatically wrong anywhere, and there were a few mistakes that I thought might have been cut and paste errors. 
There were a couple of nice things about the survey design. It lets one go back and change answers. I changed my musical education answer from no to yes, upon reflection, and was glad to be able to explain the decision in a comment box. I decided that anyone who had done some amount of musical ensemble work (played in a band, sung in an a cappella group) would have had the experience of matching the pitch or tone of other performers, and that's what they were looking for. Probably. 
I have no idea if I got any of the answer "right." 

Laura Dickerson 
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