[Bell Historians] Halesworth, Suffolk

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Aug 30 14:29:52 BST 2021

Has anyone here investigated the history of the bells at 
Halesworth, Suffolk?  Based on the current bells, the 
details in Raven's Church Bells of Suffolk, and the record 
of five plus a saunce bell in the Edwardian inventory of 
1553, the simplest explanation is that they were a five by 
the early 16th century, that three like-for-like 
replacements happened in the 1610s and '20s, perhaps to 
bring them better in tune or to replace cracked bells in a 
neglected installation, and that they were augmented twice, 
first to six by Lester and Pack in 1759, and then to eight 
in 1770 by Pack and Chapman.  Is there any reason to suppose 
anything more complicated happened?


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