[Bell Historians] Canons on ancient bell at Hanford, Dorset

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Tue Dec 7 09:35:36 GMT 2021

c.j.pickford--- via Bell-historians wrote:

> The section, I think, is just that - a straight line through the single
> canons and argent (i.e. omitting the double canons altogether).

Thanks, that does help, as do the additional photos which 
make it clear there's nothing especially unorthodox about 
the canons – six in total: two single canons in the plane of 
the large oval loop argent, and four double canons 
perpendicular to it.  I was struggling to see how there 
could be a oval argent from Dalton's published photo, which 
is very clear from the Whitechapel picture.  I also had 
appreciated quite how far into the headstock the argent 


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