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Many thanks for your kind email. I can confirm that my thoughts on the bell being older are the fact that it was originally atSaffron walden,  and sold in 1846.Details  on this are from Cecil Deeds.What we were not aware ar the times was 4 ecclesiastical buildings being built their.These comprised ofThe PrioryThe Abbey 11 36 adChurch replaced earlier one built 11.30 Ad.This is why we wonder if it actually was cast in Belgium,  not England,  and is before 12 50 ad .I may be totally wrong !!!!!It has still been used recently here, and hope to eventually rehang it again for daily use.Many thanks Fr Jamie Sent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot.com> Date: 07/12/2021  14:19  (GMT+00:00) To: frjamie via Bell-historians <bell-historians at lists.ringingworld.co.uk> Subject: Re: [Bell Historians] Community of the king of Love,  Whaley Hall frjamie via Bell-historians wrote:> Having looked at the loops at Hanford  Dorset> 11th / 14th,  I do wonder if my bell is  around 11th = 11.50 ad.Your canons are more ornate and show a cabling pattern, while the Hanford canons are slender and curve more gently. The Hanford bell also appears distinctly long-waisted which yours is not so obviously.  There are plenty of people here with far more expertise than me, and I'll happily be corrected if I've overlooked something relevant, but I would say these factors all point to your bell being significantly more recent than the Hanford bell.RAS
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