[Bell Historians] Ancient bells

c.j.pickford at talk21.com c.j.pickford at talk21.com
Tue Dec 7 14:59:39 GMT 2021

I think / hope the list is fixed (as attached). As can happen with Excel
(possibly owing to inserting cells rather than rows) the columns headed "C
cent / c. date / dated by" had slipped by three rows, and the slippage was
near the top of the worksheet (after row 20). From spot checks I think it's
right again now, but there is a possibility of more serious error (e.g. if
the rows have been sorted since the error first occurred)

If anything looks wrong, please let me know 

Chris Pickford
Kinver (UK)
Tel: 07811-453525
e-mail: pickford5040 at gmail.com 
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