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Sun Feb 7 15:30:35 GMT 2021

Hello all,

Dickon kindly alerted me to the recent discussion of Old Bond St. I was
subscribed to the mailing list but with an email that was no longer active,
so I wasn't receiving them. I can confirm what Jonathan has written, and am
hopeful that we can find a solution that works with the council regarding
local noise agreements. On the technical side, I am less certain what can
be done but we shall see. Bill, do keep in touch.

On nomenclature: interestingly, at a conference of leading figures in the
carillon community in the 1920s, it was decided amongst what was
essentially a Commonwealth delegation (representing the UK, Canada, South
Africa, and Australia) and the US to spell and pronounce the instrument as
'care-i-lawn' (broadly speaking). Despite this, Australians have somehow
ended up pronouncing it with a second 'i' (as in 'cah-rill-ion') but
spelling it in the international form.

Kind regards,

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