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Can this be posted please?

StJohn's Church, Waberthwaite looking for advice

Wehave 2 church bells which are well documented by various 
historians.They are engraved Henricus Sextus Rex and Sanctus Jacobus 
DominusThomas Walker.
Thestory has always been that they are connected to the time when 
KingHenry V1 took refuge at Muncaster Castle. Last year there 
wasresearch done into the legend of the Luck of Muncaster which 
includethe story of the bell in Muncaster church,  also dedicated to 
HenryV1. This research is not yet published but I have seen a copy of 
it.It gives some weight to the visit of the king.

Atthat time St Johns was the mother church and Thomas Walker wasrector.
Weare researching into our church history and would love to know ifthere 
is any connection in date/style/possible origin of our bellsand the one 
in St Michael's. Just to know that they were likely to beconnected in 
date would be a start. As far as I know the two KingHenry bells have 
never been compared. Is there anyone who can steerme in the direction of 
an expert??
Ourbells are hung in the bellcote and the Muncaster one is in 
theirchurch. Once we're all able to travel. it's a wonderful area for 
Fingerscrossed someone out there can help
Catherine Winzor
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