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I think part of the confusion may be because there are two church buildings
at Birdsall.  The old one, St Nicholas, is in ruins.  The new one is St
Mary's, which was built in 1823 (Pevsner) or 1824 (Wikipedia) - I assume
that the second date relates to when it was completed.  A new ring of three
1824 bells by Thomas Mears II is consistent with this. 


The old church immediately adjoins Birdsall House BIRDSALL HOUSE, Birdsall -
1174509 | Historic England
<https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1174509>  .
Perhaps it would be worth investigating if the John Potter and Samuel Smith
bells are preserved there?


Peter Rivet


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I'm doing various reconciliations between various data sources to construct
the recently announced Dove Bell Register.


The Church Heritage Record has 2 bells recorded as follows for BIRDSALL,
Diocese of York that I don't believe are there. Details are:


Birdsall: St Mary

ChurchCode: 643024

Ref: RMC 5/67 JA 3/2017

Bell 1. 20.5", c.1760Hz, cast 1731 by Samuel II Smith

Bell 2. 29.5". 1110Hz, no cast date, John Potter of York, "Listed for


This is at odds with GAD's NBR and (behind the scenes) Dove which states
that St Mary's, Birdsall has 3 bells dated 1824 by Thomas Mears II. A
general web search sides with the notion of 3 more modern bells.


So does anyone recognise where these Sam Smith and John Potter bells might
actually be?









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