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I have recently been called to inspect and quote for the restoration of a stable clock at a private estate residence. The clock is unrecorded on the Horological Turret Clock database. Therefore I'm assuming the bells are unrecorded to. At this time I am unable to disclose the location without permission from the owner.

I am compiling a history of the clock, bells, dials and weather vane for the owner,  so respectfully ask if any personal history of Robert Patrick of London is available. The 3 bells are dated 1782/3 and only the larger hour bell bears his name, although the two ting tang quarters bells are identical in profile and form.

My research found him as marrying the granddaughter of someone connected to the Whitechapel foundry. Also that he was a cheese maker who tried his hand at bellfounding. Apparently there are some bells of his about, but not many. Therefore I will seek permission of the owner to disclose the location at a later date for historians.

Yours respectfully
Wayne Francis
Clockwise Restorations
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