[Bell Historians] Preshute - why are all 6 G&J bells listed? (Treble added later.)

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at btinternet.com
Sat Jan 30 22:40:33 GMT 2021

Until now, my view on “listing” has been much the same as Andrew’s – well put.


However, with the prospect of church closures at an increasing pace, the potential for listing of modern rings might be an opportunity rather than a threat. The present “lists” focus on historic bells – not on good ones! As ringers - and perhaps as historians too – we might welcome a degree of additional protection for good modern rings


I happened to notice the other day that Westbury are also listed – so somebody has succeeded in getting two good C20th rings in Salisbury Diocese listed (and maybe others too). Rather than quibble about which rings are the most eligible, we might do well to think about the protection that listing may afford for all the modern true-harmonic rings that we consider to be  good. On that basis, I wouldn’t quibble at all with Preshute being listed – they’re very good.


That said, I am curious to know how these Wiltshire rings have crept into the lists – and why equally eligible rings elsewhere haven’t yet made it. I suspect that someone in Salisbury Diocese has been quite astute and ahead of the game


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