[Bell Historians] Preshute - why are all 6 G&J bells listed? (Treble added later.)

Andrew Aspland aaspland at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 31 08:07:57 GMT 2021

And I very much agree with Chris!!  "They’re all the same opinion. Never knew such unanimity on a point of law in mylife!"
We have some very "valuable" peals of bells out there - as in valued by ringers - very many of which are not listed and many of which would be a tragic loss to our art, and to the soundscape of Britain,  if they were to be less valued by the decision makers.
Listing may well help raise the awareness of the importance of harmonic peals of bells.  It is probably not down to the listing of individual bells but to the sets of harmonic bells - the "complete" peals.  However, the listing process, as it stands, identifies bells of "historic significance" only.  The single criterion for bells cast after 1851 (that amazingly significant date in history - don't get me started on arbitrary dates used in history) is "Significant examples of technical innovation."   Thus, Norton, Sheffield are listed as the first harmonic peal of bells to leave the Loughborough foundry.  No similar examples are listed for the work of G&J or WBF.
Perhaps the ChurchCare listing system is not the right tool for this job.  Is there a case for formalising some sort of Preservation Society?  And to get such a society recognised by Historic England, Church of England etc.
Specifically regarding the works of Gillett & Johnston (since an example that foundry's work began this thread) I would have thought there was a strong case for a society dedicated to their bells.  It is 65 or so years since the last G&J peal of bells was cast and yet their window of casting harmonic bells lasted for fewer than 50 years.   They produced many distinctive and beautiful peals of bells as well as very many chimes and carillons which rank among the best.  Of their 1683 bells hung for ringing only the six bells at Preschute are listed (and they don't fit any listing criteria).  
Anyone out there have a passion for such things?
Attached is something to get us started.

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