[Bell Historians] Listing rings etc cast since 1890

David Kelly david at thekloof.co.uk
Sun Jan 31 12:18:10 GMT 2021

Following on from today’s postings.


I think the CBC Bells Committee is an anachronism. In these changing times when it is likely more churches will close their doors it is unrealistic for organisations such as the CBC throwing a spanner in the works of those committed parishioners and locals who are prepared to maintain and improve their church buildings. 


It is not just bells; local church buildings need to be adapted to make them of more use to the community and this is often resisted by the “Bodies which need to be consulted” for Faculty approval. There needs to be a complete re-think of our & the heritage body attitudes. In my view we should be looking at improving community use of our church buildings. Which is better, a church building that is adapted to community use or one that closes because it cannot be altered because of Heritage body objections?




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