[Bell Historians] Preshute - all bells added to NBR as 'On Pres List' between 2009 & 2015 (same for Westbury)

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In reply to David Godwin’s query, I take his point about the CBC but there is a good reason for not involving bellhangers at DAC level.  


Bell advisers have to be very careful not to favour one firm of bellhangers over another.  If a bell adviser is too closely associated with one firm this would be seen as unfair by their competitors.  I have in the past suggested that the industry could help itself by producing a leaflet listing reputable firms engaged in this kind of work, in the same way as branches of the RIBA list all the architects in their area.  This would help to deal with the problem (very relevant if there aren’t any such firms locally) of hard up parishes in need of a bellhanger who are tempted to engage the help of a friendly local garage mechanic instead.


Peter Rivet


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I have no idea who sits on the CBC clocks and bells committee these days - perhaps someone could enlighten us??

It is very interesting to look at the people on the Bells committee and then compare it to say the organ committee. 

For the organ committee there are five members (over half of the membership) who are organ builders i.e. professionals with day to day experience of working with organs, for the clocks committee there is one member who is a clockmaker, so again a professional with day to day experience of clocks, yet on the bells committee none of its members are bell hangers or work day to day in the trade. How has this been able to happen? have any of the bell hangers in the country been asked to be on the committee? other committees seem to be able to have professionals on them without conflict of interests. Does this give us an insight into the inconsistent and contradictory advice the bells committee give out on occasions?


David Godwin

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