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Hi Sam

I did see research on Bruton for my Great Rings Dove Events issued last year.

Best analysis from George Massey’s CBO Somerset resulted in:

  *   5 by 1649 when 1/5 added by Robert Austen
  *   Known to be 6 by 1752 when extant 1/6 cast by Thomas Bilbie I - May have been augmented to 6 earlier in 18th C

Unfortunately the date chosen of 1740 seems to be right in the grey area of the the known facts!

Best regards

Martin Smith

On 4 Jun 2021, at 08:33, Sam Austin <sam0austin at gmail.com<mailto:sam0austin at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear all,

An author friend has put out a query regarding the bells at Bruton. Doubtless it’s going to feature in his next novel!

Would anyone be able to answer please? I’ll pass on all replies in full.

“This is one for bellringers (and for people who live in Bruton, Somerset).
Is there a historical directory of English church bells? I'm attending a burial at St Mary's, Bruton in November 1740. The west tower has a ring of six bells at present (I believe that's correct), but it looks as if there were either three or four in 1740. Is there a way of knowing for sure? It doesn't matter much one way or the other, but I know the accuracy of details like this is important to some (including me).
November 1740. Are we going to hear two muffled bells? Or three, or four...?”

The author’s name is Kevin Corby Bowyer.

Many thanks


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