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Dear all, 

I have lately began to collect old association reports as they are
personally very interesting historically and are very useful for carrying
out research on individual towers which is something I do quite a lot of at
the moment,  however although I already some reports for my own association
I was wondering if  anyone would have or know how to get hold of the
following reports-

Hertford county association 1930s-1980s) 

Bath and wells association (1970s) 

Essex association (1930s and 1990s) 

Sussex county association (1970s) 

Oxford diocesan guild (1930s and 1970s) 

London county association (1930s) 

Norfolk diocesan guild (1970s)  

Winchester and Portsmouth guild (1970s) 

Many thanks 

Oliver lee 

Harlow Essex 


Some associations are now archiving their annual reports electronically; for
example, the Suffolk Guild reports are available to download from their
website. I have scanned all the G&B reports to PDF; I'm still tidying them
up, but can make them available to anyone that would find them useful.


Andrew Bull



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