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Martin Smith martinsmith132 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 1 13:08:59 GMT 2021

Hi all

Last year I created some analysis of Great Rings and what Snapshots of their configuration would look like from 1600.

I have created a dedicated website for this information which can be found at https://www.greatringsdoveevents.co.uk in an attempt to make a dry dataset come to life a bit!

This includes pages for each ring in scope with Photos of Bells where available and further analysis of Snapshot views for every 20 years from 1600 to present, Tenor Founders, Heaviest Tenors by Rings, a randomised view of all towers in scope and a list of amendments/updates to the original data I published last year.

David Kelly has kindly agreed to host a raw data Excel file for this dataset on his Keltek website should anyone want it which I will send to him in due course to upload.

Any corrections, amendments or if anyone has any bell photos they would like including, please send them to me at  greatringsdoveevents at gmail.com<mailto:greatringsdoveevents at gmail.com>

Best regards

Martin Smith


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