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Dear john,
Personally I think this may well be a catholic handbell and judging from it’s decoration it is a possibility that this might’ve  added to it when it came into the procession of the church, I would also say that it might be Austrian as I have a similar bell at home minus the decoration.
I hope this helps
Oliver lee

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Someone not on this list recently asked if I could help with this query.
Can anyone offer any ideas?

A Wheatley resident, knowing my connection with bells, has asked if I can
provide any information about the bell in the attached photograph.

It looks like a cattle bell which has been adapted for use in a church by
adding small gold crosses, the raised depiction of St George and the
fleur-de-lis handle which slots over the attachment for the animal collar.
The original bronze bell is old, well worn where it has rubbed constantly
against an animal's neck.  The embellishments are reminiscent of northern
European, possibly Russian influence.

It sounds like a goat bell, but someone has obviously spent time converting
it for use in Roman catholic church services.

Any information I will pass on.

John Harrison
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