[Bell Historians] Cowper Congregational Chapel in Dereham

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Interesting that it's a Paine pendulum and dated 1833 (with 1832 bell) 


I'd say that the barrels (I've seen others of the sort belonging to church
barrel organs) looks as though it belongs to an organ rather than a chiming
system. These sort of pins wouldn't have lifted chiming hammers. 


Chris Pickford

Kinver (UK)


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Pendulum is by Paine of London 1833. Clock he does not say who it is by.
Wayne Francis speculates that the chime barrel might be by Ayres.






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No reaction to this by the look of it. Would be interested to see Paul's
photos and posting.


Definitely not Gillett & Johnston or Taylor, and the church itself is later
than the bell - built in 1873-4, but there is also an older chapel of c.1815
in London Road which became a school after the 1870s church was opened.
Perhaps the 1832 bell came from there, but it has no turret (and doesn't
look like the sort of building that would have had one). I've looked at a
couple of 1874 press reports of the opening with descriptions of the
building, but no mention of clock or chimes (one did refer to "when the
tower and spire are completed" so it might be slightly later). 


Did Paul say anything about the clock in the tower?


Chris Pickford

Kinver (UK)


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Paul Cubbitt posted some photos of the belfry here on Facebook yesterday.
There is a chiming barrel (literally the barrel) in the tower and one bell
of 1832. There are clear signs that there were once several more bells in
the tower.  I do not have any details of them for my list. Can anyone supply
details of this former chime?



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